• Welcome!

    I’ve been a practicing psychotherapist in Austin since 2004, where I’ve
    worked with individuals, families, couples, and groups. Besides seeing
    clients in my private practice, I’ve been a psychotherapist in ten other
    clinical settings, working with individuals from a very wide variety of
    backgrounds and ages. In our work together, a new client can expect a
    comfortable therapy experience focused on deepening interpersonal
    connections and coping with old problems in creative ways.

    My work is guided by the belief that people are psychologically healed in
    relationships with other people. Healthy relationships are essential for
    healthy living, and are a requirement for mental health. While I approach
    each person that I work with differently, I want every client that I work
    with to increase their self-awareness and increase their ability to
    communicate effectively with the people that matter to them. This motivates
    me to be very real with my clients and to care deeply about how well they do in life.